Cutler called Don Draper a “football player.”

And Sally had a choice: kiss the swaggering football player who can’t help but shit on the moon landing and ruin the mood. Or chase the quiet one who urges her to look up and see the stars and to not smoke because health is important.

 And so Sally learned not to be her mother.

She’s just like her mother.

Its comical watching Michael Sam come off at the end of the day he’s simply a cock sucker.

When you start sucking my dick cunt you can yell at me like that till then shut the fuck you stupid cunt.


Stick your rudimentary suggestions up your ass.


If the shoe fits.

Then by all means cunt wear the damn thing.


Suck my cock

I wonder if this is the face that this cunt would make when she has a cock shoved in her ass. Do your fucking job right and you won’t have people complain.

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is that foodnun


Precious stole yo phone.

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I saw the cover of US Weekly at the grocery store and Bruce and Kris Jenner look like two old bull dyke lesbians.

I wish that family would simply go away and take the Lohan clan with them.

There are so many clues foreshadowing both Walt’s and Jesse’s death, I don’t know what to think anymore.

I don’t care that Walt might die in the end, he does have cancer, but I hope he gets to beat that punk ass pussy rat to death.  I don’t want him giving him ricin, or shooting him.  Beat him to death with your bare hands, even if it kills you at the same time.