If the shoe fits.

Then by all means cunt wear the damn thing.


Suck my cock

I wonder if this is the face that this cunt would make when she has a cock shoved in her ass. Do your fucking job right and you won’t have people complain.

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is that foodnun


Precious stole yo phone.

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I saw the cover of US Weekly at the grocery store and Bruce and Kris Jenner look like two old bull dyke lesbians.

I wish that family would simply go away and take the Lohan clan with them.

There are so many clues foreshadowing both Walt’s and Jesse’s death, I don’t know what to think anymore.

I don’t care that Walt might die in the end, he does have cancer, but I hope he gets to beat that punk ass pussy rat to death.  I don’t want him giving him ricin, or shooting him.  Beat him to death with your bare hands, even if it kills you at the same time.

As a mother with two daughters, my eyes filled with tears when I heard Holly say “mama” over and over. I have a real big soft spot for small children, and so it broke my heart having to hear her cry and scream this episode. She is the only one (along with maybe Jesse) who doesn’t deserve this trauma, and so I am glad that Walter loves Holly so much that he did what was right for her.

Did some dumb $%#@(insert insult here, just ignorantly compare Holly and Jesse? Wow. Talk about a warped view of reality. Holly and maybe Walt Jr. could be on the same plane. Jesse? He deserves every negative thing that happens to him.

Jesse looked so terrified when Todd came for him, and looking at his face it’s no wonder. To think he was tortured devastates me.

I just hate we didn’t get to see that punk ass bitch tortured. Maybe we will get a little peak into that this coming week. 


"Just because you are getting younger doesn’t mean you are getting better"

—Jon Gruden

That quote fits perfect here Jon. Thanks!

Peyton Manning  isn’t your prototypical “pretty boy” by any stretch of the imagination. But that cro-magnon looking Luck makes him look like he should be on GQ or Esquire every single month.

Anonymous asked:
Why do you hate Jesse from Breaking Bad?

Why not?